Customer-Focused Clean Energy Policy Guidance

Founded in 1997, the Colorado Energy Group (CEG) is a customer-focused strategic energy planning advisor to governments, utilities, homebuilders, developers and energy efficiency and renewable energy providers and suppliers. George Burmeister is the President of CEG. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, CEG has satellite offices in Stockton, CA, Dallas, TX and Washington, DC.

CEG is hired primarily for our energy efficiency and solar Best Practice implementation experience with industry and local and state governments, our writing skills, relationship-building and facilitation services, stakeholder engagement strategies, codes and standards knowledge, balanced Community Choice Energy (CCE) expertise, survey capabilities and our comprehensive clean energy technology policy expertise. We place a strong emphasis on voluntary, market-based solutions and are one of a few organizations at the forefront of writing and implementing local government 100-Percent Renewable Energy Strategies.

Notable Projects